Overview of ZETA certMate - Testsystem ZCMT 

Test system for load point measurements of electricity meters

The ZETA certMate Test system ZCMT is a fully automatic meter test system for testing, parameterizing, calibrating and certification of electronic electricity meters. The test system is three-phase, the basic version is a 10-place version.

Quick connections

With the quick connection device, the assembly of the connection is easy and quick for practically all meter types.
There is no manual cabling required for the measuring voltage. The device is easily readable if you cant it.

Measuring with closed calibration links

Direct connection measuring without opening the calibration links requires a  islation with insulated current-transformers. In addition, certMate test system ZCMT integrates isolation transformers of very high accuracy for all ten measuring stations. The connection is fully automatic and there is no manual intervention necessary.

Fully automatic test

The test system is operated via the ZETA certMate software. The test system is controlled by a network-compatible industrial PC. All measurement results are displayed continuously and stored in an SQL database. Measurement and error protocols can be printed out directly.

Customized adjustments

Various variants of test and communication technology as well as flexible database connection enable the testing of simple electricity meters up to complex, multifunctional devices.


Configuration of the test system


The ZETA certMate software controls the entire test sequence in the ZCMT test system, from the acquisition of the devices to log printing. For this the user interface is divided into five independent areas:


Process Data

All necessary information for the test procedure are stored here. This includes:

  • Definition of device («Meter Type», «Manufacturer»)

  • Meter commands and load point definition («Commands»)

  • Documents on the teste procedure («Documents»)

  • Access authorisation for the operating personnel («Accounts»)

Under «Meter Types» the operator selects the appropriate script for the the test procedure.

Work in Progress

It is used for entering the device numbers and starting the automatic test procedure. Manual operations are possible as well, e.g. measurement of a single load point or the parameterization of the device via the communication interface.



In this area, the entire dataset of all measured device is recallable.



Test results of all device are displayed here during the test procedure.



The complete communication between the software ZETA certMate and the test system ZCMT as well as the data traffic to the device are logged here.
This is used for troubleshooting script creation and assist with debug unexpected behavior of the device or system errors.
The areas «Process Data», «Work in Progress», «Results» und «Sites» are described in more detail below.